Creeping Crawling Hand Frankenstein Cragstan

Here the MEGA RARE Creeping Crawling Hand from Frankenstein
Made by Cragstan – Japan 60′s

And MORE RARE and desirable because this toy IS the toy from the MORAN COLLECTION!!!
If you have the book, you can compare the pictures with this toy! It is him! 100% garantee! The person who have sell this toy to me have buy the toy to BRIAN MORAN many years ago!

Incredible cover box with Boris Karloff himself and very beautiful drawing like Aurora models!
100% original box and toy, in mint condition with the original ring.
And more, the toy is perfect working condition! no rust, no replace, never open,… never played with…

Today, the only one luck to buy a mythic toy form a mythic collector! Whooooaw! ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!




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