CUSTOM REAL LAZER BEAM Star trek phaser Type II

Unique piece custom! Made by a specialist engineer.

Star trek (Trek Tek) – CUSTOM from the Phaser pistol original series. (Star trek phaser Type II)
The little red light is replaced with a real green laser! This not a toy, this is a real weapon! Not for Child

You can blowing up balloons or burning inside tape!
The maximum incredible effect of the visible beam of the star trek Phaser can be demonstrated at night and outside… aim in the air and you will see no end of the beam… it goes beyond 40 km… to far for the eye to see!!!

Fire at light bulbs and lights to see the divergence of the beam into many colored and strange shapes!

• Laser beam (100mW)!!! : 40 km!! (never aim the phaser at a living person, animal, or airplanes !!!
• Audio frequency selector with different sounds
• Volume adjustment selector
• Overload button : activate a serie of sounds that simulates the phaser in overload mode

Also include:

rechargeable battery with AC-DC charger
Original box of the original toy

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